Episode 7

07 - Unpacking the ResTech M&A Landscape

Published on: 13th March, 2022

In this week's episode: Lenny Murphy, is joined by Elaine Riddell and Ken Sonenclar of Oaklin's DeSilva + Phillips, to unravel the complex web of investments, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), and capital formation surrounding ResTech. Take this deep dive and learn what it takes to build a highly valued business in 2022.

In This Episode We'll Explore:

  • M&A and market research trends
  • Developing a formula for valuation
  • How to take rapid action to build a premium business
  • What distinguishes and differentiates successful companies in the marketplace

Links From The Show:

  • GreenBook --> https://greenbook.captivate.fm/podcast
  • Lenny Murphy --> https://greenbook.captivate.fm/lenny

Many thanks to Emily Fullmer, for producing and editing this episode, and to Zappi, for sponsoring this podcast.

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