Episode 12

12 - Insight Communities: Flourishing In a Time of Change

Published on: 9th May, 2022

In this episode: Lenny Murphy, is joined by Todd Hoskins, Co-Founder of My-Take, to talk through the changing needs of research service buyers brought about by the disruption to in-person research.

Listen in as Lenny and Todd discuss the dichotomy of research providers offering tech innovation vs. those offering consultative research services.

3 Topics We'll Explore:

  1. The digital qualitative research boom and the enormous need for fast and effective tools to engage with consumers
  2. How purchasing behaviors have led to an increased need for UX research tools
  3. The wide range of SaaS, full-service, and hybrid providers in the marketplace

Many thanks to Todd, for being our guest. Thanks also to our producer, Karen Lynch, our editor, James Carlisle, and this episode's sponsor, My-Take.

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