Episode 18

18 - Reducing Friction to Drive Product Development

Published on: 28th June, 2022

In this week's episode: Lenny Murphy, is joined by Nis Frome, COO at JOON and GM at Coderbyte and Session Rewind.

Join us while Lenny and Nis discuss the importance of reducing (or eliminating) friction to inspire new product development and the productization of new services.

In this episode we'll explore:

  • How learning about the tensions experienced by an individual and/or a company can open the door to the development of the next great product
  • Human capital management, the individual's journey to self-realization, and how products can help them achieve their ultimate life goals
  • The importance of being nimble in a future that is going to be, inherently, unprecedented

Many thanks to Nis, for being our guest. Thanks also to our host, Lenny Murphy, our producer, Karen Lynch, our editor, James Carlisle, and our sponsor, My-Take.

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